Hoods for Mental Health

Hoods for Mental Health is our lifestyle programme focused on improving the lives of young people through sport and activity.  The programme is aimed at local Primary School aged children and offers an interactive experience with our partners and professional players to educate young people on our four key areas:-

  • Healthy Body – Explaining the benefits of physical exercise and healthy diet
  • Healthy Mind – How to maintain a good Mental Health and the difference between Mental Health and Mental Illness
  • Healthy Attitude – Promoting Inclusivity, Understanding and Acceptance
  • Healthy Habits – How to build consistent habits that will create sustainable personal growth and impower success

The Programme offers a half day event where young people will engage in Basketball sessions and workshops based around the 4 key areas, 4 weeks of basketball training and a regionalised tournament.  Participating schools will also be offered discount/free tickets to Hoods games.

Through this programme we aim to reach x amount of young people every term and kick start their journey to a Healthy Lifestyle both Mentally and Physically.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Promotion
  • Mental health Awareness
  • Aspiration through Sport
  • Exit Routes through the Hoods Local and National League Pathways
  • (Partnerships with local experts)