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The Hoods are always happy to discuss the club, their ambitions and what we can do together. Whether you want to play for one of the teams, get invloved with the club or become a club partner, please do not hesitate to contact us and join our rapidly expanding family.


Lee English – GM

07528 196446


Bruce Lauder – Club Captain







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  1. Pedro Mesquida

    Hi,i just want to ask if theres a place where people who loves basketball can play?Thanks

  2. Aaron Bell

    Hi my name is Aaron just wanted to know how I would go about joining the men’s senior basketball team? am 27 I turn 28 next month??

    1. Linda English

      Hi Aaron

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The senior men’s trials are on Wednesday 31st August from 8pm – 10pm at The Wildcat Arena NG3 7EB. It will be £4 for the session. Please make yourself know to coach Lee English on the day. We look forward to seeing you there.
      Look up our facebook page for updated nformation

      Linda, Club Secretary

  3. Aaron

    Hi my name is Aaron just wanted to know how I would go about joining the men’s senior basketball team? am 27 turn 28 next month??

  4. Andy Ratcliffe

    I’ve been trying to find the ticket prices for tomorrow’s home game (mens) on the website but couldn’t find any ticket information.
    Could someone please advise?


    1. lordair7

      Hi Andy,

      Tickets are £3 for adults, £1.50 for children. Hope you enjoy it!

  5. keith turney

    I represent West Bridgford Rotary Club. I have organised an event which demonstrates off road wheelchairs (Google: BOMA Molton Rock Off Road Wheel Chair). We are inviting people who use chairs but who wish to go off road. The event is free of charge. There will be teas, coffees, dilute drinks and biscuits again at no charge. The location is on farm land at Kingston upon Soar which is approx. 2 miles south of Radcliffe Power Station. I am inviting wheelchair users from your organisation. Please reply by email, but if you cannot link my tel no is 0115 921 2440

  6. ..........................

    Hello, I just want ask how long the under 14s season 15-16 will be for?
    Also can the £210 for the season be paid £10-£15 every session or does it have to be split into 3 or paid at once?

    1. lee English

      Please call 07528196446 to discuss. Regards Lee

  7. .

    How long will the Hoods U14s season in wildcats (once a week) starting in September be for?

  8. Stevan Zdravkovic

    I am sending you as an attachment my basketball CV together with a video, which I would appreciate you to watch. If it is necessary I will come to the training in order to show you my skills.
    I can also send you videos of my full games not just highlights.
    Yours Sincerely, Stevan

  9. georgina

    Hi, are there any junior sessions running at the moment and would it be ok to bring my 5year old son along? Thanks.

    1. lordair7

      Sessions are currently running on Monday evenings 6-7pm at Becket School, Becket Way, Wilford Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7RL and are charged at £3 per session. These will be ending at the end of term though.


  10. robb marriott

    We have been living in China for the last nine years my son is 19 now and we are moving back to the U.K. in August
    In China Basketball is the main sport and he want to play when we return to the U.K.
    when would be the bast time to bring him along to the club.

    1. lordair7

      We are currently running open sessions on Wednesday evenings 8-10 at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena. Ask for Lee English when you arrive.

  11. Rachael

    HI, my son has just joined the junior section and I wanted to know where i can purchase the kit from.

    1. lordair7

      Hi Rachael,

      The online shop has re-opened –

  12. Marvine Besong

    Hi there

    I would like to play for one of the men’s teams and was wondering what the procedure was to get involved.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. lordair7

      Hi Marvine,

      Training sessions for senior men run from 8-10 on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena, Bakersfield. NG3 7EB. The best bet would be to email GM Lee English on and see if he is happy for you to attend. Good Luck!

  13. Tristan

    I work for a company looking after a 14 year old boy and basketball is his number 1 sport. He is 6 foot already and I believe has great potential but he only plays at school and could do with nurturing this talent to get the best out of him. Could you please let me know the days and times of the training or any other basketball related programmes you have running…many thanks

  14. Helen Goldsbury

    My son is 5 1/2could he come to the junior session ?

    1. lordair7

      Hi Helen, there is a mini-ballets section your son could play in, but we are finished for the summer now. We will be starting again in September, all details will be on the website. Hopefully see you next year!

    2. lordair7

      Hi Helen, your son can train 6-7 on Monday evenings at the Beckett school. This will be running until the end of May at least

  15. dawn brandley

    hi my son is 13 and loves basketball , where and when are the sessions and is there any spaces for him ? thanks d brandley

    1. lordair7

      Hi Dawn

      yoir son is welcome to come and play at the Beckett School in West Bridgford on Monday nights.

      under14′s train 7.00-8.30pm and cost £3.50 per session
      - See more at:

  16. G.forster

    Hi there,

    My sons would like to play basketball on Mondays with the junior hoods. Are there still places and also are they old enough – they are 6 ( nearly 7!) and 9 years old.

    1. lordair7

      Your sons are more than welcoem to just turn up and play and their age is not a problem. The u10′s train from 6-7pm and cost £3 each per session. I hope they enjoy it!

  17. Stacey McMullen (male)

    Hello there, i have a quick query about the hoods basketball club. I used to play basketball for my school and for a time for my university and would really like to get back into the sport. I dont pretend to be well conditioned or skilled enough to play in leagues. But i always had a natural flair for the sport and really would just like the oppurtunity to attend some structured training sessions, just to keep fit and continue my love for the sport. Do you have any such sessions.

    thanks stacey mcmullen.

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