Hoods Ladies Lose Opener

Nail biting game, then beaten by a whisker, with Ilkeston Outlaws taking the win 50-49.

Hoods trailed just behind Outlaws for most of the first half. As the Outlaws successfully prevented Hoods from taking inside shots. Though the most experienced players put in a determined effort; with Sarah ensuring the best rebounders were boxed out and Paula and Rachel breaking the Outlaws down inside the key. This enabled Hoods to level the score in the third quarter and then take the lead.

Both teams then went to team fouls, racheting up the tension in the last quarter with a lead of 2 points for the Hoods. Outlaws, S Hickson, a prolific scorer throughout, held her nerve to score both of her free throws to take the win.

Top Scorers: Paula Bailey 19; Jenny Cannell 18

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