Junior Hoods

The Nottingham Hoods run training sessions for girls and boys of all abilities to learn the game of Basketball


Are you interested in trying basketball out? Feel free to drop in and join us for a taster session. Just turn up on the night and get playing. All abilities are welcome, including beginners and we look forward to welcoming you to the Hoods family!

For further details, please contact club secretary lindaenglish@hotmail.co.uk

All Junior Hoods teams play at Becket School, Becket Way, Wilford Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7RL on Monday evenings during term time. Costs and times are as below:-


6.00-7.00pm    Mini’s and u-12 boys & girls (£3.50 per session + £10.00 one-off annual membership)

7.00-8.30pm    u-14 boys and girls (£3.50 per session + £10.00 one-off annual membership)

8.00-9.00pm    u-16 & u-18 boys and girls (£3.50 per session + £10.00 one-off annual membership)

Please see the Club Documents page to view the Hoods Child Protection Policy and other documents and forms

u18 Mens League

Derbyshire Arrows20326
Leicester Warriors11234
Rutland Thunders1104
Derbyshire Spartans11-84
Ilkeston Outlaws11-84
Leicester Dynamite11-174
WNC Mansfield Express11-234
Nottingham Junior Hoods10153
Derby Trailblazers II02-132
Leicester Riders II01-11


u16 Boys League

Leicester Riders202026
Nottingham Junior Hoods20596
Ilkeston Outlaws20156
Derby Trailblazers11-24
Leicester Riders II11-64
Notts Nova1033
Leicester Warriors II02-472
Leicester Blaze02-1002
Rutland Thunders02-1142
Leicester Warriors01-101


u14 Boys Premier League

Derby Trailblazers20966
Leicester Warriors20446
Notts Nova2026
Mansfield Giants11934
Nottingham Junior Hoods11114
Rutland Thunders02-442
Leicester Warriors II02-1122
Ilkeston Outlaws01-491
Leicester Dynamite01-611
Leicester Riders II0000


u14 Boys League

Leicester Warriors10133
Nottingham Junior Hoods II1083
Leicester Riders01-81
Notts Nova01-131
Derby Trailblazers0000
Leicester Dynamite0000
Leicester Warriors II0000
Mansfield Giants0000


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  1. Amir Moosavi

    Hi my name is Amir.I am intrested in joining hoods U16 I am 14 and I used to play for the Nova team i am experienced and I want to improve my ability in basketball. Can u verify that I have to meet at Becket school on Monday at 8:00 and the session will end at 9:00 please thank you

  2. hoods lover

    where is becket school?

    1. lordair7

      Becket School, Becket Way, Wilford Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7RL

  3. Manpreet

    Im thinking to join im 13 could you guys tell me where abouts it is and how much it cost to get in

  4. Danish

    I am 12, do I play in the u14 or u12

  5. Charlie

    hi I’m 13 and really interesting in joining I’ve played a couple of games at school can I come for a taster

  6. joel hussey

    lets go hoods lets go hoods

  7. joel hussey

    lets go hoods lets go

  8. roy

    my 9 year old son would like to join

    1. Linda English

      Hi Roy

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Your 9 year old son is more than welcome to come along to a Monday evening session and see if he likes the club environment. His session is at 6pm on Mondays during term time. Look forward to seeing you then



  9. shazia

    hi can my son join he is 9 and he loves basketball

    1. Linda English

      Hi Shazia

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Your 9 year old son is welcome to come and play. Please bring him along on a Monday evening at 6pm. His first session will be free, to see whether he likes the club environment.



    2. Linda English

      Please bring your 9 year old son along to a Monday evening session at 6pm. His first session is free, hopefully he’ll enjoy what we do



  10. jemma

    hi came across your site whilst lookin for a after school activity for my son he wanted to do basketball I just wonder do we just turn up or do we have to book in advance


    1. Steve braker

      Did ya turn up folk, hope so…

  11. joel hussey

    we should of won that game this is fake i feel even better because only had 7 plaers we had to forfit but we still won the game so i am even more happy.

  12. tom cooper

    i am 18 and looking to play some fairly competitive regular basketball, would the monday night session be right for me?

    thanks, tom

    1. lordair7

      In the first instance, Monday nights would be your best option.

      Good Luck and enjoy the Hoods!!

  13. Simon Goulbourn

    Is it okay if my lad who is 14 in September turns up to give it a go on 29th? Do we need to bring anything?

    1. lordair7

      Absolutely welcome to join in, just turn up, pay for the session and enjoy yourself

  14. Simon

    I just wanted to know when the ‘taster’ session is and what time? Not sure if its on Thursdays 8-10 pm at the arena or if its on Mondays some other time. I just turned 16 and enjoy playing basketball and would hopefully like to attend the tryouts/taster session.

    1. lordair7

      Hi Simon, better for you turn up on Monday at The Becket School. You don’t need to bring anything apart from your subs for the session. I hope you enjoy it

  15. Simon Goulbourn

    Hi, my son will be 14 in September and is looking to try basketball at a local club. Could you send me the details as he is very keen on playing. Cheers, Simon.

    1. lordair7

      Hi Simon,
      Thank you for contacting the Hoods. The junior programme is currently on summer holidays but will restart again in September. The best session for him will be on a Monday night, at The Beckett School, West Bridgford between 7-8.30pm. He does not need to register, juts show up on the day. Keep an eye on the website for dates when the training will start again. Thanks again and I hope he enjoys himself.

      1. Simon Goulbourm

        Would it be okay for him to turn up on Monday 29th September with £3.50 and play? And Will he need to bring anything, such as a basketball?

  16. kay lever

    Hi my son is 12 and he is looking for a local team please can you tell me the details.
    Thanks Kay Lever

  17. Hamidreza

    Hello, I was wondering if my child could join. He is 13 years old and hasn’t had much experience in basketball. Thanks alot

    1. lordair7

      Yes, of course. The sessions run on Monday evenings at the Beckett School 7-8

  18. Nuala Hughes

    Hi my son Joseph is in year 5 at school aged 9 and wants to start playing basketball. Could you please let me know of any clubs around nottingham that he could attend. Thanking you.

    1. lordair7

      Hello and thank you for contacting the Hoods. The junior training is off at the moment due to Easter holidays etc, but we aim to have a few more sessions before the summer break, as well as some camps etc over the summer. The best bet is to email GM Lee English on leeenglish1980@gmail.com who will be able to assist further.

      Thanks again and I hope Joseph enjoys it

  19. Andrea

    Hi there, My boy is 10 and loves basketball, will the Junior Hood’s not now start until September?



    1. lordair7

      Hi Andrea, there are still 2 weeks left, if your son can make it? failing that, we will be starting again before September, but we are unsure on exact dates due to the late Easter break. keep an eye on the website for more details. Thank you for contacting the Hoods and I hope your son enjoys it

  20. Melissa


    I’m 18 next month and interested in basketball but with no experience, can i still join?

    1. lordair7

      Yes, of course. Head on down to the u-18 training at Beckett School and get involved

  21. Jake

    Is there a league for under 16′s or is it basic training?

  22. Shemara Mccoy-Virgo

    Hi ,
    I am interested in joining the U16 or U18 team but playing on a Friday night Only at Wildcats, Will that be possible? I am a Div 2 player for Wildcats and train on Monday nights & Fridays 6pm/7.45pm. I am 17 years old.

  23. Nadia

    I’m 16 years old and I’m interested in basketball, however I have no experience. Can I still join?

    1. lordair7

      Hi Nadia,
      Of course you can, just turn up and get involved.
      Good Luck

  24. James Rockley

    i am interested in joining, i am 16 years old but i don’t know were the training sessions are and when they are.

    1. lordair7

      Hi James,

      As above training is on Monday Evenings, 7.30-9pm at Becket School, Becket Way, Wilford Lane, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 7RL.

      I hope you enjoy it

  25. Kavita

    My son is 14 and is interested in joining but we don’t know where the trainings are and when the trainings are on.


    1. lordair7

      Your son is welcome to join us Monday evenings, 7.30-9pm at the Becket School in West Bridgford. Costs is £3.50, I hope he enjoys it

  26. Colette

    My 11 year old daughter is interested in joining your basketball club. What days/times are they at and at what venue.

    Many thanks

    1. lordair7

      Your daughter is welcome to join us on Mondays 7-8.30pm at The Becket School (address is above). I hope she enjoys it!

  27. Lindsey Jaycock

    From the above messages it looks like my son could just come down to Beckett School on Sept 9 for a taster session. Is that correct? He has played basketball at school. Does he need to be a certain standard to join?

    1. lordair7

      That is correct, he is welcome to just turn up and play. There is no minimum standard, we want to get kids of all ages and abilities into basketball and The Hoods.

  28. Shakiba

    I just wanted to know the registration procedures for the junior basketball club. My son is interested and would like to join your club in September.

    Many thanks

    1. lordair7


      There is no formal registration process involved for the Junior Hoods, your son is welcome to just turn up and play when we start back on Monday 9th September.

  29. Heidi

    I just wanted some information on our junior basketball clubs. My son is interested but he is only 7. I wondered if there is an age they need to be before they start as so far I am struggling to find somewhere that will take them that young

    Many thanks

    1. lordair7


      Your son is welcome to join us at The Becket School, West Bridgford on Monday evenings between 6 and 7pm. The cost of each session is £3 and it starts back on Monday 9th Spetember. I hope he enjoys it and we look forward to welcoming him into the Hoods family.

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