Ben Stanley Appointed Hoods II Coach

The McDonald’s Nottingham Hoods are delighted to announce that Ben Stanley has been appointed Head Coach for the Hoods II team playing in Division 4 of the NBL.

Ben has been a key part of the senior squad since joining two years ago and has been influential both on and off the court. However, with the introduction of more Juniors to the National league programme at Division 4 level, Ben took the decision to step down from the 1st team to help guide the youngsters and develop them at National League level.

Ben has a wealth of playing and coaching experience, playing the game since he was 10 years old, and coaching since he was 14. Ben started with Ellesmere Port Panthers and was lucky enough to make the u18 final fours as a player with East Durham Academy. He went on to play in Division 1 for Solent Stars and was appointed captain in his second year.

Ben has played for a number of clubs over the years (11 at last count) and is not ready to hang up the boots just yet, so will continue in a player/coach role for the Hoods II.

Ben has coached at numerous clubs, but cites the most enjoyable and educational to date as his experience at Solent Kestrels. He then moved to Nottingham following a recommendation from the Guymons (who ran Solent Kestrels) and started working with the Nottingham Wildcats, coaching the Division 2 side, assistant coach on the Division 1 side and Head Coach of the u18s who made it all the way to the final fours under his leadership.

Ben has also been privileged to work as a coach in the National Teams Pathway, both as Head Coach for the Boys South APC (now RPC) , and England u18 Men’s Assistant Coach, both experiences he says that have bettered him as a coach.

Ben has also worked closely with Division 2 Head Coach Phil Waghorn, as his assistant at the Nottingham Basketball Academy at Nottingham Academy, and the source of many of this year’s younger players.

Ben says of his appointment, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the club so far and the natural progression for me was to move into coaching, because the knees won’t last forever! I pride myself in the mentality I instil in my players and this will be important in the Hoods II. It is an important team to coach with a mix of experience, youth and enthusiasm and I need to ensure we are all reading from the same hymn sheet. If you play for me, the first and most important thing is you must be commitment to the club, team, and your teammates. Players are expected to attend all training sessions and games throughout the year, and must notify the coaching staff for any reason if they can not. The Hoods at all ages put the team and club before their individual goals; we see ourselves as a family. I also expect the players to conduct themselves with respect for their teammates, coaches, opponents and the officials. My guys will work hard, I will push them and they will be shouted at if the occasion calls for it. They are expected to take constructive criticism in the spirit it is intended, but above all they are expected to work to better themselves; both as players and equally importantly as people.”

Club Captain Bruce Lauder commented, “Ben has always been a leader on and off the court and has a great relationship and respect at all levels of the club. I am so pleased he has accepted the challenge of coaching the Hoods II and am confident he will do a great job. He has some good, experienced players and leaders around him to help on the court and together they will bring the youngsters on at a rate of knots. The Hoods II, under Ben’s coaching, will be a much stronger unit on and off the court and I am convinced the players will develop at a rate of knots under his guidance. Good Luck!”

The Hoods II have a tough start their campaign away to Doncaster Danum Eagles on 10th October

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