Sporting Stars

The Sporting Stars programme allows us to engage the disabled community across Nottingham through Basketball and multi skills coaching.  The sessions aim to engage our learners through physical literacy and enjoyment, helping them to see and understand the value of physical activity and the positive lifestyle changes this can create.  Our Coaching staff are trained and in some cases differently abled themselves and therefore have a real understanding of what is required to support our young people.

In the aftermath of COVID-19 many young people are struggling to access sport and physical activity, non-more so than the disabled community.  Sporting Stars aims to increase awareness of the provision available throughout Nottinghamshire and build accessibility for those who need it most, building into a long-term programme of delivery that will allow our young people to access a diverse portfolio of activities.

Through our partnerships with Portland College and Ash Lea School we deliver regular outreach sessions to the community, allowing us to reach over a 100 disabled young people a week.  These sessions are also linked directly to the Special Olympics, allowing us to offer aspirational opportunities.  The program has a focus on those with learning difficulties but is open to all disabled young people.

  • Physical Activity leading to positive lifestyle changes, especially post COVID-19
  • Coaches with Relevant training and experience
  • Partnerships with local experts in the field
  • Building to a long-term programme of delivery with multiple activities and routes
  • Aspirational Opportunities through the Special Olympics