Hyson Green Hustlers win Cyril Elkington Cup

As well as a full calendar of National league action, this weekend also saw the Sherwood League Cup Finals, with Rolls Royce Merlins taking the Gus Taylor Trophy and Hyson Green Hustlers taking the Cyril Elkington Cup.

The Hyson Green Hustlers have been a long standing force in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire local league competitions and are stacked with a host of ex-Hoods players including Bruce Lauder, Kirk Davis, Danny Wong, Erik Milembo, Antonio Palmer, Steve Thompson, Mike Griffiths, Antonio Palmer and Lucasz Sickzek. A tough encounter against a ex-Derby Trailblazers players, including Mark Woodhouse and current Hoods star Curtis Williams saw Hoods run out eventual winners 80-69. Well done everyone!

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