Ektio BannerEktio™ shoes are the first physician-designed athletic shoes that provide rock solid ankle support without inhibiting mobility. The irritation of playing in tape and braces will become a thing of the past (as will the fear of jumping and landing on someone else’s foot) allowing players to go harder and stronger on court.

External stabilisers such as tape and braces provide ankle support, but typically result in increased ankle stiffness. Tests on the new Ektio™ shoes show just as much support as a lace-up brace, but without the loss of motion in any other direction. The shoes are light and agile, but with a wildly innovative sole with lateral bumpers, that act like flat oars on a tipping boat, and inner and outer straps that marry the foot to the shoe so perfectly that player confidence soars.

Ektio™ is the brainchild of basketball-player-turned-orthopedic-radiologist Dr. Barry Katz and comes from the Greek words “ektor” and “alexio” meaning “defend” and “protect” and that’s exactly what the Ektio™ shoes do.

Anyone who has ever played basketball knows that ankle sprains are the most hated, agonizing — and inevitable — thing that happens on a basketball court. As a matter of fact, 25,000 ankle sprains throw players into the emergency room daily. Twisted ankles are the #1 orthopedic injury in the world. The NBA loses $15 million a year while their superstars sit with their foot in an ice bucket and in rehab. Significantly, after a really bad injury, a player never comes back as strong.

Since the dawn of Converse All Star high tops in 1917, athletic shoe companies have pondered shoe height. High? Low? Mid? What prevents the ankle from inverting? None of them has seriously attacked or solved the problem. It turns out that everyone was looking in the wrong place. This excruciating turning of the ankle happens when the sole of a shoe goes in one direction and the foot in another.

After sitting out many of his own school games and watching his son go through the same heartbreak, Dr. Barry Katz got on it. He developed a wildly innovative sole with lateral bumpers that act like flat oars on a tipping boat. Additionally, the inner and outer straps marry the foot to the shoe so perfectly that player confidence soars. They are light and agile.

We’re on mission to make ankle sprains a vague memory. And, while we’re at it, we’ll just say it now — it won’t be long before every shoe is built with this technology.

Real basketball players want to charge hard, play hard and be fearless around the court and Ektio™ shoes allow that and more, with ankle injury fears a thing of the past. For more information, click on the links below:-

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